• Products available : HSFO RMG 380 3.5%, LSFO RMG380, RMK 500 3.5% & MGO DMA (ISO 8217:2010 specs)
  • Supply method : ex-pipe for IFO. Ex-pipe/Truck for MGO
  • Ex-pipe Supply berths : Seaport docks (NCP 1&2), Cruise Terminal Berths 5,8,10
  • High standards of safety, health and environmental management, as well as customer service
  • Quality Assurance for all bunkering loadings with set procedures and sample testing

Delivery Locations

  • Seaport Canaveral


Port of Canaveral web site


Canaveral Seaport: 60 miles from Orlando, on the east coast of Florida, this state-of-the-art terminal was built at a cost of around $150million. It delivers an independent supply of petroleum products to the state and has given an important boost to Florida’s economy.

Current storage of approx. 450,000cbm

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